A city building game for iOS and Android! No microtransactions.

Bring Your City To Life

Build your own unique city as the new mayor. Create residential, commercial, and industrial zones. Unlock recreation spots and landmarks. Invest in mega projects and create a beautiful metropolis!

Pocket City 2 expands upon the original with new buildings, environments, minigames, challenges, and more.

Roam freely and explore

Customize your avatar and explore the streets and buildings of your city. Find loot and random citizen encounters. Borrow vehicles and speed through your roads. Pocket City 2 allows you to engage with your world like never before!

Complete quests, earn rewards

Take on various quests and challenges throughout your city. Gain XP to increase your level, improve relationships, and earn rewards for your good deeds!


Pocket City 2 features a more detailed simulation than its predecessor, allowing you to drill down to see details about each metric.

Meet the demands of your city. Build the right zones at the right time to improve your economy and gain more income. Optimize jobs, citizen happiness, taxes, traffic, environment, and more!

Events and disasters

Start fun events like block parties, parades, marathons, and more!

Watch out for natural disasters. Prepare for urgent situations and rebuild damage from tornadoes, volcanoes, meteor strikes, and more. Earn research points from each disaster!

Play minigames

Interact with various locations in your city by playing minigames and impress your citizens! Take on various types of challenges, such as street racing, plane flying, business management, and more!

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