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Pocket City 2 is an ambitious sequel to the original Pocket City for iOS and Android, adding many new features, notably the ability to roam inside your city with your own avatar. As before, there are no microtransactions - all unlockable items are earned through gameplay.

Pocket City 2 has gone through a closed beta test round with around a thousand testers. The reception to the game has been very positive and players agree that the sequel is a massive improvement over the original.

Pocket City 2 is be a paid app on the iOS App store and Google Play store. Pocket City 2 will initially be released in English only, with additional translations planned for the future.

The release date is April 8, 2023.




Players build their city by creating residential, commercial, and industrial zones, as well as special buildings. Power and water must be supplied. Pocket City 2 also introduces waste and sewage management, as well as new road types, new buildings, seasonal changes, and more. Natural resources can be harvested for upgrades, research, and income. Players complete quests around the city to level up and unlock new buildings. Relationships with citizens are improved through quests and random encounters, which provide rewards. Players can also build "Mega Projects", expensive time-consuming projects that have big impacts on the city.

The player can customize an avatar and drop into anywhere in their city to roam around and explore freely. Players will encounter random NPC situations and find loot scattered through their world.

The graphics have been fully rebuilt in 3D, and the environment now includes a day-night cycle and four seasons.

Free Roam and Minigames

A major new feature is the ability for the player to wander the streets and interiors of buildings directly with their avatar, which they control in third-person mode. The player can borrow cars and drive through their roads, giving a new sense of engagement and immersion to their city.

The player can play various minigames as they level up their city. Examples include street racing, business management, plane flying, fire helicopter piloting, and more.

The player can purchase and furnish their own home in the city. Furniture can be purchased by visiting commercial zones and is sometimes received as rewards. Players can host a house party event in their home to raise relationship levels.


Players can trigger special events in their city, such as block parties, festivals, parades, and more.

Disasters will destroy zones and buildings, which will likely cause havoc to the economy, to which the player must respond and rebuild. Players can easily rebuild using a rebuild button.

Players can now engage in "City Competitions" where they face off against rival NPC cities to determine who has the better city. Defeating the rival cities result in new unlockable buildings.


About Codebrew Games

Pocket City is created by Codebrew Games - a one-person indie studio headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Developed by Bobby Li.

For business / press inquiries, please email Bobby Li at [email protected].